Mission Statement
Tangible Hope Foundation is a fully licensed non-profit organization operating in the village of Koffele, Ethiopia and a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization located in San Francisco, California which currently funds our efforts in Ethiopia. It is our intension to replicate our model and mission in areas of the world where girls and women are marginalized.

Currently we have focused on empowering and protecting young girls living in poverty in rural Ethiopia by advancing their rights through education, medical care and nutrition.  It is our goal that this generation of women, in the world, will inspire and lead those around them and the next generation out of poverty and into a world of opportunity.

Your Small Steps Can Make A Big Difference, Thank You For Your Support!

 Good House Keeping Magazine Article On Tangible Hope Foundation.


Listen to WBEZ Global Activism segment with Lily Yoseph about her work, which she says had an “immediate and life-changing impact, not just for the girls, but for their families as well.

Small Steps


Big Difference





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