Telile (Lily) Yoseph, Founder

A native of Ethiopia, Telile Yoseph (known to most as simply Lily)  Studied tourism in Holland, where she spent thirteen years.  In 1993 she moved to Los Angeles, California and received a degree in Fashion Merchandising.  In 1997 she moved to the Bay Area and became a real estate agent.  Her career was no longer fulfilling. That is when she took some time off to reflect and find a new purpose in her life.  Lily finally found her true calling during her first trip back to her home country after being away for over twenty-five years. During her visit to her home country, she was deeply touched by the overwhelming need of children and families.  A young girl named Ubo, who had suffered many hardships but still hoped for a better future, particularly moved Lily.

Lily made a commitment to send this remarkable young girl to school, a decision that changed both Lily and Ubo’s lives forever, and gave birth to the vision of Tangible Hope. Lily strongly believes that working together we can make a difference in the lives of many more girls like Ubo to realize their dreams and full potential.

“Kids are innocent. They have no political or religious opinions. If I see children in need, I want to help them. No matter where they are. No matter who their family is.” Lily Yoseph

She has now fully dedicated her life to the cause of Tangible Hope, making a lasting difference and giving girls like Ubo tangible hope through education and empowerment.

Board Of Directors

Dr. Brian Hertz

Dr. Brian Hertz (MD) has worked as a family physician for more than 20 years in the US and in other countries.  In the US, he currently works at Kaiser Permanente in Northern California, and has worked in many diverse practice and teaching environments that span such activities as having been on the teaching faculty of Harvard Medical School, to being a Family Medicine Residency Director in Northern New Mexico, to serving on the Board of Directors of the US office of Doctors Without Borders.

He has also worked in several Community Health Centers, and Public Hospitals, and done research in Clinical Medical Ethics and primary care.

Internationally, Dr. Hertz worked with several organizations, including Doctors Without Borders, in Asia, Africa and Latin America. During 2005, He helped organize Kaiser Permanente’s Tsunami support projects and Hurricane Katrina relief efforts. He has traveled to the country of Sri Lanka and work as a physician as a part of KP’s international medical relief effort, and worked in Houston, Texas as a part of the KP Hurricane Katrina relief project. In recognition of his international work, he was honored to receive the 2005 International Humanitarian of the Year award from the Bay Area Red Cross, and the 2005 Citizen of the Year award from the Marin Medical Society. Dr. Hertz has always believed in the concept of a world community and has enjoyed providing medical care in diverse settings.

Dr. Hertz brings a rich and diverse medical background to support Tangible Hope’s overall mission, particularly efforts in ensuring access to primary and preventative medical care for the girls under our sponsorship.

Janet Dean, Chair and Treasurer

Janet Dean has a background in child development and special education. During her career, she became a grant writer and program developer for children with disabilities. In that capacity, she wrote grants and created programs that utilized the existing infrastructure in her community to coordinate enriching and educational services to children with special needs. Janet was inspired by a presentation by our founder, Tellile Yoseph, to come out of retirement and use her experience in non-profit to work towards the mission of Tangible Hope.



Dove Vallender

Dove Vallender brings a wealth of experience in coordinating and facilitating corporate giving to the Tangible Hope Foundation Board. She is Vice President, e Commerece FX Specialist for Wells Fargo.  In 2007, Dove previously served on the Mental Health Association of San Francisco’s Development Committee. In 2010, she volunteered with Upwardly Global, an organization supporting job mentoring for professionally trained immigrants. She participated in their mentoring program, and sat on the Leadership Council for 4 years focusing on fundraising and Chaired that Committee for 2 of those years.  She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science specializing in International Relations from the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Tom Warner

Tom Warner was the first executive director of the The Animal Rescue Foundation from 1991 to 1994.  ARF, as it is known, was founded by former Oakland A’s manager Tony La Russa. Tom was also a board member of The Performing Animal Welfare Society from 1989 to 1995.

Tom’s educational career focused on cultural anthropology, which opened his eyes to the common needs, hopes and dreams of people across the globe.  It is this global perspective that has brought him to support the mission of Tangible Hope Foundation. In fact, Tom has been a part of Tangible Hope from its inception.

All of his efforts both in business and in his personal life reflect this commitment to making a difference in the world community.

His natural ability to communicate with people, his drive to explore new ideas, and his years of experience administering dynamic and successful enterprises give him a unique blending of talents to make for a most enjoyable and enlightening working relationship with his special clientele.

Tom is president of The Thomas Warner Wine Cellar Company.  For the last 20 years Tom has been creating unique wine environments for private collectors, restaurants and wineries across the country.  He designs, fabricates and installs these cellars utilizing re-purposed and sustainably grown wood as well as metal, stone and acrylic.  Tom has built his company to harmonize with both his client’s worldwide wine collections and by creating cellars that reflect the architectural style of their homes and businesses.


Jason Buzi

Jason Buzi is a real estate investor, based in the San Francisco Bay Area. He has gained international publicity as the man behind the Hidden Cash scavenger hunt, and Refugee Nation proposal.Jason has done volunteer work in Europe, Africa, and Asia and traveled to over 70 countries, including Ethiopia. He is committed to helping those who are less fortunate, especially children born into poverty, to have more opportunities in life. He is proud and excited to join the board of Tangible Hope Foundation.


Advisory Members

William Greineder

William has a Masters in Architecture from the University of Texas at Austin. He received his degree in 1990 and moved to San Francisco after graduating and worked at various firms concentrating in residential architecture. He and his business partner, Eileen Gordon, bought their current firm from the previous owner in 2006 continuing the firm’s history in high end residential design.

In his personal time, William has traveled throughout Europe and in the countries of Cambodia, Thailand, Bali, Sumatra, Turkey, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Japan, Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda. It was travels in the last three countries that made the greatest impression on him.

A conversation with a consultant regarding his involvement in Tangible Hope and its mission peaked William’s curiosity. Upon meeting Lily, her infectious enthusiasm about her vision made it easy to commit time and energy into developing a cost effective design solution based on traditional vernacular Ethiopian dwellings within a contemporary interpretation. William saw it as an opportunity to use his design skills in a meaningful way

He looks forward to continuing to offer his time and resources to help Tellile’s actualize her vision to create a safe and nurturing environment for the Girls of Kofele while maintaining their ties to the surrounding community.

Ketema for THF 004-1

Dr. Ketema Shaffo

Dr. Ketema Shaffo has worked as a Senior Lecturer in Addis Ababa University, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine from 1984 -1998.

Beside his regular teachings he also served as a Department Chairman, Senate Committee Member, Supervisor, Co-Director, Consultant and Project Co-Coordinator

Before he joined the University he was an Instructor in a Higher Institute. He also worked as a Field Veterinarian in the Department of Agriculture and as Head of Diagnostic Unite under Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA)

In the past he had the pleasure of working with many prominent Ethiopians including the current president of the country.

Dr. Ketema has been contributing voluntary to Tangible Hope Foundation with Photography and Audiovisuals, a training he had from Glasgow University, UK.

With his rich and diverse multicultural background and knowledge of the environments where Tangible Hope Foundation is founded Dr. Ketema will bring a lot of useful experiences to the Foundation.

Tom Eddington

Tom has spent the last three decades in business as a consultant, educator, entrepreneur, and strategic advisor.  He is a student and teacher of Board, leadership and organization effectiveness – focusing on how they grow, achieve and sustain effectiveness while remaining stewards for their stakeholders.  He has lived, worked and studied on six continents, working with leaders across all industry sectors and organization stages of development.  As a student, mentor, coach and advisor, he has focused on the area of consciousness and conscious leadership over the past two decades.

Tom is a pragmatic optimist and driven by intellectual curiosity, he has sought out opportunities to teach and work in the private, public, academic and non-profit sectors working with industry leaders and most-admired organizations including HP, W.L. Gore, MBNA Corporation, Royal Dutch/Shell and Taproot Foundation.  He holds B.A. degrees in Business and Psychology and an M.S. degree in Organization Dynamics from the University of Pennsylvania.

He has worked with Board members and senior executives at hundreds of organizations.  In addition, he has been an adjunct professor in the City University (London) M.B.A. program and guest lecturer at San Francisco State, JFK University, Sonoma State and Meridian University.  Tom has founded/co-founded four organizations including FutureShapers and Eddington Advisory Services.

Volunteer Team USA

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