Adu Darara “Sun-Seed” Center

The Future

To further insure the safety and ongoing enrichment of the girls, we have plans to build the Adu Darara, (Sun Seed) Center for Girls on land we have already acquired in Koffele, Ethiopia. This beautiful design was donated by a generous and talented Bill Greineder of Gordon+Greineder San Francisco. Here, the girls will receive all the services that Tangible Hope provides in the safety of a secure enviorment to succeed.

Tangible Hope Foundation, with the help of present and future sponsors, partnerships and donors will make The Adu Darara (Sun Seed) Center for girls a reality. It is the goal of Tangible Hope to bring girls from all faiths and different cultures and tribes to live and learn together peacefully so that they can create a better future for themselves, their families, and their communities. Only through our youth will the changes our world so desperately needs come to pass. It is our goal to replicate this successful model world wide.